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Each LM Energy Audit is performed by a licensed Mechanical Engineer and a Certified Energy Auditor (certified by the Association of Energy Engineers).  As with each of LM’s services, we will tailor the Building Energy Performance Assessment specifically to the needs of our clients.  Specifically, our Energy Audit services can be formatted to accommodate ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 211P or ASTM Standard E2797-11.

The following are just a few of the questions an Energy Audit can answer:

  • How does the energy usage of the subject building compare to buildings of similar size and type?
  • What changes to operations and management procedures can save energy?
  • What social programs could be initiated to reduce energy usage and increase “green” activities?
  • What changes to the building or equipment would provide a payback or return on investment?
  • What Local, State, and/or Federal Government Grant or Incentive programs are currently available?
  • What variation in utility costs can be expected for the subject building from year to year?

Phase 1 Energy Audits – Preliminary Survey:

This initial Audit will include a brief on-site survey of the building, interview of on-site staff, and review of historical utility bills.  The purpose of a Phase 1 Audit is to identify low-cost and no-cost energy efficiency measures (EEMs) and determine whether a Phase 2 Audit will be valuable.

Phase 2 Energy Audits:

Each Phase 2 Audit will include a thorough on-site survey of the building, extended interview of on-site staff, and detailed analysis of historical energy consumption.  The purpose of a Phase 2 Audit is to identify short-term, mid-term, and long-term EEMs, provide financial analysis of the EEMs, and determine whether a Phase 3 Audit will be valuable.

Phase 3 Energy Audits:

Phase 3 Energy Audits vary substantially based on the findings of a Phase 2 Energy Audit.  However, testing, sub-metering, and data logging equipment are generally applied to perform detailed analysis on the long-term energy efficiency measures.  A thorough economic analysis of long-term measures is specifically adjusted to the preferences of each client.  Phase 3 Energy Audits will typically include building energy modeling.